Neve Campbell, who featured in five of the “Scream” movies, wasn’t a part of the latest film – “Scream VI”. Actress Mellisa Barerra admits that it was “weird” not having Campbell back for the sixth film, but she found Campbell’s stance “very brave” and “important.”

She told PEOPLE: “This job requires so much of us, not only physically [but] mentally and emotionally. You need to feel like it’s worth it,” she said. “A part of it is: Are you getting compensated fairly for what you think you’re putting into the work? If you don’t, you’re going to be miserable, so you shouldn’t do it. I applaud her always.”

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Barrera was heartened that Campbell sent her support despite exiting the film. “I got a really sweet text from her right before we started shooting,” she revealed. “It felt like a blessing. We’ve become really close friends.”

With a franchise-best $44.5 million in its opening weekend, “Scream VI,” which debuted on March 10, has already broken box office records. This is Barrera’s second No. 1 launch following 2022’s “Scream.” “Carmen,” a novel musical drama starring Oscar nominee Paul Mescal, will be released in April.