Sharon Stone has some advice for staying healthy.

On Thursday, the 65-year-old actress attended a fundraiser for the Women’s Cancer Research Fund, and spoke with People about her experience with breast tumours

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Stone recalled having the tumour spotted in a mammogram, and that she was ready to undergo a mastectomy if it had been cancerous.

She said that she was “told that I had breast cancer, because I had a tumour that was larger than my breast — and they were sure that I couldn’t possibly have that tumour without it being cancer.”

As it turned out, she didn’t have cancer, “But I went into the hospital saying, ‘If you open me up and it’s cancer, please take my breasts, because I am not a person defined by my breasts.'”

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She underwent surgery to remove the benign tumours in 2001, and later she had another surgery to remove tissue from her breast.

“And that might seem funny coming from me since you’ve all seen them. But let me tell you something else — you’ve seen them since the surgery, and you don’t know it,” Stone said.

“So don’t ever feel compelled not to get a mammogram, not to get a blood test, not to get surgery, because it doesn’t matter,” she added. “I’m standing here telling you I had one and a half and more tissue of my breast removed, and none of you even knew it.”