Taron Egerton recently voiced his interest in starring in something “Star Wars” related despite turning down the role of Han Solo.

Egerton caught up with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante at the premiere of his new Apple TV+ film “Tetris”, a film about video game salesman Henk Rogers and his discovery of the video game in 1988.

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When asked why he turned down the role of Han Solo, the actor expressed that the part didn’t feel suitable for him.

“I was involved in some auditions that I wasn’t actually offered the role, but I got quite near to it. But, I think there’s an instinctive thing that comes into play about feeling like not just whether you think it’s going to be good or not, but sometimes whether you think you’re the right person to do it. And that’s often how I feel that sometimes it just doesn’t feel like my part.”

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Bustamante then asked Egerton if he would ever consider starring in an original “Star Wars” creation, like “The Mandalorian”.

“I would love that. I really was. I’m a big, big Star Wars fan and have been since I was a little boy,” gushed Egerton. “And I’d love to be a part of one of those stories. I really, really, really would. Yeah. But, you know, as with any of these things, it’s really not down to me and what I want. You know, it’s people who make that stuff that make the decisions.”