Kaley Cuoco is enjoying her freedom before she settles down into motherhood.

The “Flight Attendant” actress is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey sometime this year, but is having one last hurrah before she hunkers down.

She shared a snap from the fun night out in her Instagram Stories with the caption, “Making the friends rounds before bebe girl comes along and joins the fun”.

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Kaley Cuoco – Photo: Instagram/@kaleycuoco
Kaley Cuoco – Photo: Instagram/@kaleycuoco

The actress wore a comfy pink sweater with adorable puppies on it while she posed with her four friends.

Cuoco first announced the pregnancy in October of last year and has been sharing updates excited about her daughter’s arrival.

When asked about her preparations for the new child, she admitted she wasn’t “a prepper”.

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“I have no plan and I’ve read zero books so that’s the type of mom I will be,” she said at the time.

Despite the lack of plans, she was excited for the next step of her life.