Kelly McCreary is closing her chapter in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

McCreary, who plays fan-favourite doctor Maggie Pierce, was featured on the long-running series for nine seasons. Her final episode as a series staple will air on April 13.

The actress took to Instagram to share the big news with a lengthy tribute post to her many eventful stories experienced in the successful drama.

“9 seasons, 200 episodes, scores of heroic surgeries, countless brave patients, dozens of delightful sister house scenes, 1 episode with my real-life sister, some loss and some grief, a few ghostly visitations from mothers, a handful of boyfriends, 2 gorgeous weddings, a bunch of drunken emotional breakdowns,” wrote the actress alongside a photo of her character in the series.

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“Grey’s Anatomy” began exposing marital bumps between Pierce and her husband Winston (Anthony Hill) in recent episodes.

Fans mourned the farewell of the actress, with some voicing concern for the entire series.

“Just end the show already! I mean most of the main characters including GREY are gone now, why keep going??! 😒 New Amsterdam it’s my new show!” wrote one passionate fan.

“Such a JOY watching you on screen for all these years. I cannot wait to see what you choose to do next.” admired another fan.