Diamonds may genuinely be a girl’s best friend.

On Thursday, Avril Lavigne received quite an expensive gift from her new love interest, Tyga.

TMZ reports that Lavigne, 38, was gifted an allegedly $80k necklace as a romantic gesture from her new boyfriend, Tyga, real name Michael Stevenson, 33.

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The blinged-out necklace is courtesy of celerity custom jeweller Eric Mavani, who is based in New York City. The chain is allegedly worth a jaw-dropping $80k, which is quite an expensive romantic gesture.

The necklace dons the singer’s name and various black, silver and pink diamonds. Mavanid decorated the piece with skulls, hearts, anarchy symbols and the acronym “MFP,” which refers to “mother f***ing princess,” a reference to Lavigne’s 2007 hit “Girlfriend”. He posted the flashy creation to his Instagram on Friday.

According to TMZ, the rapper ordered the custom piece a few weeks before Paris Fashion Week, when the couple debuted their relationship status to the world and locked lips for the cameras.

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Tyga and Avril Lavigne
Tyga and Avril Lavigne — Photos (L-R): Arnold Jerocki/Getty

Despite his act of affection, news of the custom jewelry comes after Mod Sun, who was Lavigne’s ex-fiancé, fans recently chanted “F**k Tyga” at one of his concerts this week.