Shaquille O’Neal has sparked sympathy and concern after posting a photo of himself in a hospital bed on Sunday evening.

O’Neal was initially missing from the typical lineup of NBA and TNT reporters covering March Madness. O’Neal wasn’t scheduled to cover the events of Sunday night. However, it still caused a significant call for concern when the former sports star and TV personality uploaded a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed.

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“i’m always watching @TurnerSportsE and @Candace_Parker miss y’all,” tweeted O’Neal, shouting out his fellow on-air commentators alongside a photo of him lying with his eyes shut.

O’Neal, 51, did not share any information on why he was in the hospital bed, leading many fans to speculate about his health.

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The image prompted responses from former NBA players Steve Smith and Roy Hibbert, who voiced their concern for the Hall of Famer’s state.

“Get Will Big Fella,,” responded Smith, while Hibbert asked: “U good big man?”

During the March Madness broadcast, Johnson revealed that O’Neal had undergone hip surgery over the weekend and was still recovering.