Canadian WWE legend Trish Stratus spoke to ET Canada about why she chose now to come out of retirement for WrestleMania 39.

Stratus, who has just had her 23rd wrestling anniversary, told Cheryl Hickey she thinks “now picked me” when asked why now is the right time for her return.

She shared, “It was the right time, whether it was who was involved and just the right timing. It’s ‘WrestleMania Goes Hollywood’, it’s big. We did ‘WrestleMania Goes Hollywood’ years and years and years ago, so to go back and do this again at this point in my career, it’s pretty crazy.”

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Stratus gets to return to the ring with her BFF Lita, which obviously makes her comeback all the more special.

She told Hickey, “The fact that it’s Lita and I coming back, she’s my bestie. We’ve ran our entire careers parallel… she’s my best friend, a godmother to my child.

“We’re going to be on the grandest stage of all together and have a WrestleMania moment together, which is amazing.”

Stratus also commented on the fact that the past (she and Lita), the now (Bayley and Becky) and the future (Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky) will all be represented.

The “Canada’s Got Talent” judge admitted that it’s going to be “really special” for the fans to have that “unique combination” when it comes to having a “generational face off.”

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Stratus went on to discuss how things have changed when it comes to female wrestling, explaining how important it was for her to “change that narrative” of women previously being “the accessory” and “enhancing the male talent” in the wrestling world.

The star, who admitted speaking about such an important topic gave her goosebumps, told us, “It makes me so proud now to see what the women are doing, because it’s like, everything we did, that’s what we wanted to do. We saw back in the day there was no representation for us, there was no voice,” insisting that she wanted to change that.