Nelly Furtado is working on a comeback, with the help of a fellow Canadian.

On Sunday, Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Charlotte Day Wilson shared a series of photos and videos on Instagram, revealing she and Furtado have been in the studio together.

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In a video clip, Furtado is seen filming herself in a studio chair, while Wilson sits at a grand piano behind her, singing part of their collaboration in progress.

With a moody sound, she can be heard singing lyrics that sound like, “Slow, slow, slow it down.”

Furtado also shared the video on her own Instagram Story, captioning it, “šŸ energy.”

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In 2021, Wilson released her albumĀ Alpha, which went on to massive acclaim, numerous Juno nominations and spots on many year-end “best of” lists.

Meanwhile, Furtado hasn’t released new music since 2017’sĀ The Ride, though she did take the stage at Drake’s OVO Weekend last year, and played a full-length set at Australia’s Beyond the Valley festival in January.