Sarah Shahi says her real-life connection with Adam Demos translates to their chemistry onscreen.

The “Sex/Life” star said their offscreen romance has made acting opposite each other in the show much easier.

“I feel lucky because I kind of take myself out of the situation and I have a bird’s eye view of myself and him working together,” Shahi told Jennifer Hudson on Monday’s episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

“It makes my job so much easier because if it’s a love scene or it’s a fight scene or whatever it is, all I have to do is look at him and the words become real.”

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She continued, “It’s almost like an experiment. It’s like a privilege to be able to work with the person you love and also, your characters are simulating real-life things as well. It actually makes my job a little bit easier.”

“I don’t have to pretend, which is nice!” the actress added.

Shahi plays suburban mother Billie Connelly whose bad boy ex-boyfriend, Demos, comes back into her life.

As things heated up between the two in season 1, they found themselves taking their onscreen romance offscreen as well.

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Gushing over his partner, Demos told People he loved “Her heart. That’s first and foremost. Her kindness.

“Sex/Life” season 2 is airing now on Netflix.