Trevor Jackson will always support Chlöe Bailey.

Following the criticism over his “Grown-ish” co-star’s sex scene in the new Prime Video series “Swarm”, the actor shared his thoughts on the controversy with TMZ

“I haven’t seen it yet,” Jackson admitted, “but it’s art, and I support Chlöe in any- and everything that she does.

“She’s an amazing person, and she’s an artist, and she can do whatever she wants, whatever she feels led to do,” he continued. “It’s her life, and she’ll always have my support every time.”

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While Bailey, 24, told HipHollywood that she’s “very into my body and being a woman and all that,” she confessed that she was scared to film her first sex scene in Donald Glover’s new show. However, thanks to the crew and her onscreen boyfriend, portrayed by Damson Idris, the actress felt comfortable on set.

When asked to discuss the scene with Complex, Bailey declined and preferred to focus on the show’s themes of sisterhood and mental health instead. On her behalf, “Swarm” co-creator Janine Nabers commented on the relationship between Bailey’s Marissa and her sister Dre (Dominique Fishback) and how they operate as a female counterpart to Al and Earn’s relationship in Glover’s “Atlanta”.

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“I think when you look at ‘Atlanta’ and you look at the relationship between Al and Earn, I think that there are just a lot of things that are unsaid between them. And I think we really wanted to find the female counterpart to that,” Nabers, who also worked on “Atlanta”, explained. “Obviously, this is a much darker and much more extreme story, but the female counterpoint of ‘family first,’ and understanding, but not always understanding, but still having this kind of unspoken kinship for sure, so that was really important to us.”

Elsewhere, Jackson, 26, added that Bailey’s career path should not be compared to her younger sister Halle’s, who stars in the upcoming live-action of “The Little Mermaid”.

“There’s no one way to do life,” he told TMZ, noting that people living “under a microscope” like Bailey, shouldn’t “pay attention to anything outside of yourself.”