Taylor Swift may be entering her “mermaid era.”

The “Lavender Haze” singer, who kicked off her Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona over the weekend, has gone viral after shocking concertgoers with a creative stage trick in which she dove headfirst into a rectangular-shaped hole on stage, wearing a long ruffled dress.

As Swift disappeared beneath the stage, special effects were used to create a graphic of the singer swimming underwater, across the catwalk and back towards the main stage. Then, a huge wave splashed onscreen, sending graphic ripples down the entire stage. As the wave crashed, Swift magically re-appeared onscreen, emerging from a bed in a brand new outfit. Transitioning into her next musical sequence, she climbed a ladder, heading straight for the clouds.

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Since when?? Where’s that gold medal?? #glendaletstheerastour #taylorswift #tstheerastour #swifttok #diver #swimmer #fyp

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The most impressive moment from @taylorswift ‘s #theerastour night 1 was when she lept into a hole in the ground

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The “impressive” costume change was captured by fans and shared to social media as they praised Swift for “slaying” the dive.

“She’s so iconic omg,” one fan wrote, while another dubbed Swift a “stunt woman.”

Some fans called the Grammy winner an “aquatic queen,” while others gave a “shout out to the lighting, audio, stage directors and other creative teams.”

“That’s a special effect genius,” one person added on Twitter. Another complimented, “Such a great transition.”

Others couldn’t help but quote lines from Swift’s 2008 hit “Fearless”, commenting: “She really said head first, fearless.”

Meanwhile, jokes were made about the dive, with some pointing out that Swift “definitely belly flopped.” Others compared the crowd’s cheering to the Olympics, “like [Swift’s] competing for a gold medal.”

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“I can’t believe she held her breath under water for that long!,” another joked, while some referenced the Ticketmaster fiasco: “Starting to understand the absolute chaos for tickets.”

Swift’s “cool” stage dive follows another moment from tour that went viral. Earlier this week, while the singer performed her track “I Knew You Were Trouble”, her hair decided to steal the show when strands of her blonde locks shot straight up, caused by a combination of static from the fabric of her outfit and fog machines.


her hair lol💀… No its Ashley 😹 @Taylor Swift #theerastour #taylorswift

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Even the official Twitter page, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, highlighted the moment, tweeting, “ELECTRO TAYLOR.”

Up next on The Eras Tour, Swift will take the Allegiant Stadium stage in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday.