Lizzo may be one of the world’s biggest music stars, but that doesn’t prevent her from being called to jury duty.

On Tuesday, March 21, the “Good as Hell” singer took to TikTok to share a video in which she prepares to serve on a jury.

She begins by staring into the camera while outfitted in a pair of sherpa hoodie jammies. “Get  ready with me for jury duty,” she declares.

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“It’s 6 in the morning,” Lizzo says while turning on the shower.

“I’m not excited about jury duty,” she admits. “I am actually really stressed about it because I’ve just heard of people getting like really gruesome, violent cases. I have a really sensitive mind and I don’t like hearing or seeing that. I will cry.”

She then proceeds to start selecting outfits.

“Something chill,” Lizzo says while displaying a black dress.

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“It’s giving law-abiding citizen,” she says of the dress’s vibe, before changing her mind.

“Psych, I f**king hated that [outfit],” she says before showing off a black bodysuit, explaining it’s a prototype for her clothing line Yitty, and then adding a pair of Prada sneakers.

“Wish me luck!” she concludes the clip, which features the caption, “Just fulfilling my [civic] duty.”


Just fulfilling my civil duty 🫡

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As it turned out, Lizzo won’t be a juror after all.

In a subsequent post, she shared a photo of herself, wearing a face mask and flashing the peace symbol.

“I got released from jury duty y’all,” she wrote in the caption. “I wonder why tho?”


Replying to @kristinclimbs Storytime?

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