Sofia Coppola’s 16-year-old daughter, Romy Mars, has gone viral on social media after sharing a candid video about how she got grounded.

Earlier this week, the teenager, whom the Oscar-winning filmmaker shares with Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars, uploaded a TikTok of herself cooking in her parents’ kitchen as she chats about nepotism.

“Make vodka sauce pasta with me because I’m grounded because I tried to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my dad’s credit card because I wanted to have dinner with my camp friend,” Romy explained in the beginning of the video.

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Before providing further details about her parents’ “rules,” Romy gave her followers a laugh by noting that she couldn’t tell the difference between a garlic and an onion, as she mistakenly sliced a shallot.

She then shared that, “Since [she’s] already grounded,” she decided to post her cooking TikTok “because my parents’ biggest rule is I’m not allowed to have any public social media accounts.”

“Here’s why,” she continued as the video cut into a clip of her holding her dad’s Grammy award. “They don’t want me to be a nepotism kid but TikTok is not gonna make me famous, so it doesn’t really matter.”

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The teenager then introduced her followers to Ari, her babysitter’s boyfriend, whom she called her “replacement parents” because “my parents are never home”.

Although Romy’s TikTok has been deleted, it was since re-posted to Twitter by a user named Savannah on Tuesday, where it quickly went viral, garnering over 34 million views and counting.

The video seemed to amuse many viewers who applauded the 16-year-old’s transparency, despite the fact that most teenagers her age don’t have access to charter helicopters on a parent’s credit card.

Others noted how impressed they were by Romy’s video editing skills, with one user calling her TikTok the perfect short film.”

Another joked that “she’ll be the greatest Coppola,” referring to the generation of filmmakers in Romy’s family, including her mother and grandfather (Coppola’s dad), Francis Ford Coppola, who helmed “The Godfather”.

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Meanwhile, others questioned why Romy deleted her TikTok in the first place, calling it “art.”

Coppola, who’s directed notable films including “Lost in Translation” and “Marie Antoinette”, also shares 12-year-old daughter Cosima Mars with her husband Thomas.