The trial against Gwyneth Paltrow continues.

Wednesday is day 2 in the court lawsuit against the Hollywood star, who is accused of recklessness in a Utah ski crash that allegedly left a man with injuries and brain damage.

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Paltrow was in court on the opening day of the trial on Tuesday, though she did not take the stand.

The actress and the plaintiff, optometrist Terry Sanderson, have been engaged in a legal battle over the crash since it occurred in 2016.

According to The Guardian, while the court hasn’t published a witness list, attorneys said Sam Goldstein, a radiologist and neuropsychologist, would likely be called to testify.

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Sanderson’s lawyers expect to call four witnesses on Wednesday, and said it was possible one of those could be Paltrow, depending on when other witnesses will arrive in Park City.

Both parties in the case have blamed each other for the crash, each claiming that the other ran into them from behind. According to Utah law, whichever skier is downhill has the right of way.

After originally seeking $3.1 million in damages, Sanderson’s attorneys said in court on Tuesday that they’ve amended the claim down to about $300,000.