Gwyneth Paltrow’s legal team isn’t happy about a new camera in the courtroom.

On Wednesday, the actress arrived for day 2 of the trial in the lawsuit against her in the case of a 2016 ski crash in Utah, and a camera pointed at her became a point of concern.

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“Your honour, we have a new camera pointed directly at my client, right there on the right, which I understand is from the AP,” attorney Steve Owens noted to the judge before proceedings began for the day.

Paltrow stood by her lawyer, appearing visibly annoyed by the press attention trained on her in the courtroom.

“And this has been a problem, for instance reporters being in front of my client’s car, going out yesterday. Cameras in her face,” the attorney added.

The judge acknowledged that he “recognized it as a problem” and would look into the issue during recess.

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“And I wanna be advised if there are new changes because it’s just by chance that we see that there’s a camera directly pointed at her which is contrary to the decorum order,” Owens added. “So I don’t want changes without reporters telling you.”

The judge agreed, “I think that’s a reasonable request.”

Utah optometrist Terry Sanderson is suing Paltrow for $300,000 in the case, alleging that she crashed into him on the slopes, and claiming that he suffered serious injuries and brain damage. Paltrow has refuted his account, claiming that it was Sanderson who crashed into her.