One of the most talked-about TV series in recent years is set to return with the long-awaited second season of “Yellowjackets”.

ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamente spoke with Canadian actor Kevin Alves, who plays teenage Travis in the flashbacks.

In Season 2, Elijah Wood is joining the cast as a “citizen detective” devoted to uncovering the mystery of what happened in the wilderness 20 years earlier, and Alves revealed that he and the rest of the cast greeted the news with excitement.

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“We were all freaking out in our group chat. We were freaking out,” he recalled.

“We’re big fans, but he is also the nicest person ever,” Alves added. “So yeah, getting to do a read-through with him was a great experience and we’re really lucky to have him.”

According to Alves, co-star Liv Hewson — who plays teenage Van — “is a massive ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan, and that was, I think, what sparked the conversation… it just became a ripple effect of us going, ‘Oh my God.’ It was just emojis, I think, for like a little bit, like, I don’t even think we had words. It was just emoji after emoji, exclamation mark after exclamation mark. But yeah, we were just, Oh, when are we going to meet him? I hope he’s going to be on set. We were such fans.”

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Asked about his future with “Yellowjackets,” Alves divulged, “Well, I’ve heard plans of five seasons, and that’s been the plan from the writers and directors, and I trust them with my life. So if they want five seasons, I’ll do five seasons. I love the show so much.”

The second season of “Yellowjackets” premieres Sunday, March 26.