Viewers of Hulu’s “How I Met Your Father” have been looking forward to seeing Neil Patrick Harris reprise his iconic role of Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother” ever since it was reported that he filmed a cameo for the current season “HIMYF”.

Now the date of that episode has been revealed, courtesy of an Instagram photo of “HIMYF” star Hilary Duff posing with Harris in a still from the show.

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“He’s baaaack! @nph returns as Barney Stinson next week for the mid-season finale of #HIMYF,” reads the caption for the post, which was issued on the Instagram accounts of both the show and Duff.

As Variety noted, the midseason finale makes its debut on Tuesday, March 28.

“Everything he does is, if he’s hosting something or he’s got a TV show on the air or he’s doing Broadway, he’s just fantastic,” Duff said of Harris in a recent interview with ET.

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“And so the fact that he said yes made us really excited,” Duff added.

After Harris, Duff is eager to get the rest of the original “HIMYM” cast to appear as well.  “And obviously, our goal is to hopefully collect them all,” she said.