Sherri Shepherd welcomed “Inside Edition” host Deborah Norville to Wednesday’s edition of her daytime talk show.

During their conversation, Norville discussed the time she spent a week in jail as an experiment for “Inside Edition”.

“It was so eye-opening,” said Norville of her week behind bars. “There were two moments that were pleasurable for me. I was locked up on Valentine’s Day. They gave me a piece of chocolate cake with white frosting on it. And by day four … I took a shower. And that was nice. Every other moment was uncomfortable, frightening, bewildering, not pleasant.”

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Shepherd also spent some time in the slammer, recently revealing she was once spent some time in jail for traffic tickets.

“I can’t remember any pleasurable experiences,” Shepherd admitted. “Because someone stole my underwear. And I remember I had to go over and ask because they were hanging right on her bed. And everyone was trying to instigate it saying, ‘Big Mama took your underwear.'”

“Can I ask how they got it?” Norville queried.

“Because we had to wash it every day and put it over the bed, and she took it!” Shepherd exclaimed.

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As Shepherd told Page Six, she was sentenced to eight days in jail back in the early 1990s due to more than $10,000 work of traffic tickets.

“Yeah, I went to jail for not paying my tickets. At the time I did not think being in jail was a good moment, but looking back I learned to pay all my bills,” she admitted

“Jail, that was a classroom… it was a life lesson, and now I pay my bills on time,” she added.