All aboard the Shania Train! The five-time Grammy winning country star’s name is now the title of a high-tech train in Switzerland.

The country’s new panoramic railway vehicle — the GoldenPass Express (GPX) labelled the “Shania Train” — was initially unveiled back in December. At the time, Twain was present for the inauguration of the technologically advanced train, honoured with her name. She posed next to it and shared photos of the tribute, tweeting, “All aboard the Shania Train to Twain Town.”

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GPX follows the “Golden Pass” trade route, which has been around since the Middle Ages. It runs from Montreux on Lake Geneva, where Twain has lived by for the last 10 years, to Interlaken.

“The Canadian singer is the godmother of the Shania Train,” a Montreux Oberland Bernois Railway spokesperson said in a statement, via CTV News.

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GPX was designed using cutting-edge technology that allows the train’s new body to overcome a few obstacles. Now, the locomotive can adjust to the different platform heights at each station by moving up or down, and can change gauge, allowing it to run along two different track gauges by adjusting to different widths as the train moves. Passengers can now sit tight, undisturbed, for the three-hour ride without having to change trains twice like before. GPX marks the first train to offer nonstop service on the route.

“Shania Train” currently runs once a day in both directions, however, on June 11, it will begin making four daily return trips.