Chris Martin is taking Bruce Springsteen’s advice when it comes to his diet.

The Coldplay frontman has revealed he only eats one meal a day — as does his musical hero, Springsteen.

Martin told Conan O’Brien on his “Needs A Friend” podcast that he made the decision to not eat after 4 p.m. after Springsteen revealed he did the same.

The musicians had had lunch together after they’d performed at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last June.

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Martin shared, after O’Brien questioned whether he’d got any advice from any big musicians recently during star-studded dinners, “I actually don’t have dinner anymore. I stop eating at four and I learned that from having lunch with Bruce Springsteen.”

The “Fix You” hitmaker continued, “I was on a really strict diet anyway. But I was like, ‘Bruce looks even more in shape than me.’

“And Patti [Bruce’s wife] said he’s only eating one meal a day. I was like, ‘Well, there we go. That’s my next challenge.'”

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Martin joked he hadn’t revealed what Springsteen’s one meal a day was, laughing that it could be a whole buffalo.