Bella Ramsey is opening up about the difficult side of being in the spotlight.

In a new interview with GQ, the star of “The Last of Us” talked about the hate she has received on social media over the years.

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She recalled that “everyone” online seemed fixated on her “square head,” which caused her to continuously doomscroll on social media.

“You’re looking for a comment that’s more painful than the last one,” the 19-year-old said. “I’d kid myself that I was doing it in jest.”

She admitted, “I wish I could say that I was confident enough [already] that it hasn’t affected me in any way, but it has.”

Still, Ramsey has been focused on the positive reception from fans of the original video games to her performance as Ellie in “The Last of Us”.

“I’m just glad I could do that for them. And for the show. And for Ellie,” she said. “I want to do her justice.”

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The actress also spoke about identifying as non-binary, though she goes by both she/her and they/them pronouns.

“This is what bothers me more than pronouns: being called a ‘young woman’ or a ‘powerful young woman’, ‘young lady,’ but I’m just not [that],” she explained, recalling getting to play more feminine characters in projects like “Catherine Called Birdy”

‘”Catherine Called Birdy’, I was in dresses,” Ramsey said. “‘Young Elizabeth’, I was in a corset. And I felt super powerful in that. Playing these more feminine characters is a chance to be something so opposite to myself, and it’s really fun.”