The second houseguest from the “Big Brother Canada” season 11 house has just been evicted.

Toronto’s Roberto “Rob” Lopez was kicked out of the house on a 7-4 vote after a brutal backdoor plan sent him packing on his way.

Niagra Falls, Ontario’s Dan Szabo won Head of Household this week. He initially nominated Hope Agbolosoo and Renee Mior for eviction.

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Renee and Roberto on BBCAN 11
Renee and Roberto on BBCAN 11 — Photo: GlobalTV

After winning the Power of Veto competition, self-proclaimed ‘CEO bro’ Zach Neilson began influencing Dan to switch the nominations from Hope to Rob.

Once Neilson took down Hope from the block, he laid the groundwork for Dan to backstab Rob and put him up for eviction beside Renee.

Both houseguests campaigned hard to their fellow houseguests, and despite a close vote, the house chose Renee over Rob.

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“I don’t think it was me versus Renee at this point in the game,” said Rob following the eviction. “I think that Renee’s side stood for a lot of things and it stood for the people who didn’t backdoor me or backstab me, and what I was trying to do was try to make people wake up to the fact there is someone in there influencing them…I think the ringleader in all of this is Zach.”

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