Gwyneth Paltrow’s team wanted to do something nice for the court.

At the opening of day 3 of her trial, in which she is being sued by a Utah man over a ski collision in 2016, the actress’ security team offered a “treat” to the court bailiffs.

“Private security for my client wanted to bring in treats for the bailiffs for how helpful they’ve been,” Paltrow’s attorney told the judge. “So, I wanted to do that transparently and see if there are any objections.”

Unfortunately, the plaintiff’s attorneys did object, arguing that they had not been informed before the request was made.

“OK, there’s an objection so thank you, but no thank you,” the judge ruled, but added, “If the parties decide to do that later, that’s fine, too.”

Paltrow is being sued by retired optometrist Terry Sanderson for $300,000. He claimed to have suffered long term injuries and brain damage as a result of their collision on the slopes.

Both Paltrow and Sanderson have claimed that the other was actually at fault for the crash.

Sanderson had originally been seeking $3.1 million in damages, but his legal team amended the amount down at the start of the trial.

So far, the plaintiff has called a number of witnesses, including experts to provide testimony. It is expected that Paltrow will also be called to take the stand, perhaps on Friday.

Paltrow has yet to call witnesses.