Could Britney Spears be making a return to the big screen?

If her husband, Sam Asghari, has anything to say about it, he and Spears will be co-starring in a new movie that would mark her first movie role since 2002’s “Crossroads”.

TMZ recently caught up with Asghari as he returned to Los Angeles on a break while shooting a top-secret project that he wasn’t at liberty to reveal.

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During the brief chat, Asghari was asked whether he’d like to co-star with his wife “in a rom-com or something?”

“I hope so,” Ashgari replied.

“I think she’s a great actress, actually… I hope one day, that would be a dream come true,” he continued.

Asked if he was waiting for the right script to come along, he answered, “Maybe I write the script.”

In his view, however, a rom-com may not be the best vehicle for the spouses.

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“Maybe it’s an action film, because she’s very athletic,” he said, describing the kind of stunts he envisions Spears doing onscreen. “I think she’d be really good at that.”

In addition to her starring role in “Crossroads”, Spears has made numerous guest-starring appearances on television, including such series as “Glee”, “Ugly Betty”, “Will & Grace”, “How I Met Your Mother” and others.