The headlines surrounding Zachary Levi and Dwayne Johnson continue, and now ET Canada is playing a part in the rumours swirling about the pair.

During an interview with our host Sangita Patel earlier this month, “Shazam” star Levi was asked whether he’d seen The Rock’s “Black Adam”.

Levi responded, “I have not. I’ve got a whole full plate of other things that I need to get to in life,” insisting he’d probably “eventually” get on it.

With “Black Adam” hitting theatres in October 2022, Levi has definitely had a few months to watch Johnson’s DC Comics character in action.

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Rumours about Levi and Johnson first emerged earlier this week following “Shazam! Fury of the God”s disappointing opening weekend with just $65 million at the worldwide box office — a 43 per cent drop from the first “Shazam” movie.

It was then reported that Johnson had been attempting to have Black Adam and Henry Cavill’s Superman at the centre of the DC Extended Universe.

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The Wrap published a report suggesting “Black Adam” was intended to feature a post-credits sequence featuring  Levi’s “Shazam”, which would have linked the two movies and, in theory, bolstered the success of “Fury of the Gods”. That sequence, the outlet stated, would have seen Levi’s character recruited for the Justice Society — until Johnson personally “vetoed” the plan.

Instead, the post-credits sequence featured Black Adam receiving a surprise visit from the Man of Steel, with Cavill reprising the role of Superman, and the scene representing Johnson’s intention for future films featuring the two superheroes.

Rumours of behind-the-scenes drama were then seemingly confirmed after Levi shared some of the report on his Instagram Story, alongside the caption: “The truth shall set you free.”

Credit: Instagram/Zachary Levi
Credit: Instagram/Zachary Levi