Kourtney Kardashian has no problem facing her haters.

On Thursday, the reality star got on TikTok to share a video in which she read off a series of mean tweets about her.

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“Tough love 🤌,” she wrote in the caption.


tough love 🤌

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“Can the Kardashians just retire,” said one tweeter, to which Kardashian responded, “That would be nice.”

Some also took Kardashian to task for the shirt she was wearing, of the pioneering hardcore band Agnostic Front, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“A Kardashian wearing an Agnostic Front shirt. Really? Does she even know who they are?” one person wrote, to which she said, “Absolutely not, and we’re not playing that game today.”

Another challenged her, “Name 3 Agnostic Front songs lol.”

“It is a shirt from my husband’s closet and I will wear his shirts for life,” Kardashian said proudly.

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Someone else told Kardashian, “Sewing is not a talent it is a skill,” the the avid seamstress responded, “Maybe the way that you’re sewing is a skill, but mine is a talent.”

“Why she speaks in slow motion,” one user asked, to which Kardashian joked, “Because it’s a vibe”

And when someone complained that the food Kardashian seemed to be eating off-screen was probably “vitamins or some s**t,” she answered back, “Well, get angry.”