Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly zeroing in on his next project.

According to a report from Deadline, the “Avengers” star is exploring the idea of starring in Paramount’s new remake of “Vertigo”, the classic Alfred Hitchcock-directed thriller that premiered in 1958.

Downey and his wife, Susan Downey, are reportedly attached to the project as producers, alongside John Davis and John Fox of Davis Entertainment.

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If all goes as planned, Downey will be starring as a former police detective forced to retire after a traumatic incident in the line of duty that’s left him with vertigo and a crippling fear of heights, played by James Stewart in the original.

In the meantime, Downey has several projects lined up, in addition to a few awaiting release, including the Christopher Nolan-directed “Oppenheimer”, and the long-delayed Jamie Foxx comedy “All Star Weekend”.

At the moment, he’s working on the upcoming TV miniseries “The Sympathizer”, while movies in the pipeline include “Sherlock Holmes 3” and the serial-killer drama “Average Height, Average Build”.

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