Jennifer Coolidge is continuing her brand partnership with e.l.f. Cosmetics.

In an exclusive clip obtained by People, the actress hilariously teases the next chapter of her beauty influencing career as she chats about a time when she actually considered a career as a makeup artist before pursuing acting.

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The new video, which follows Coolidge’s viral e.l.f. Cosmetics Super Bowl ad, sees the “White Lotus” star share the comical reason why she decided to switch career paths as she recounts her time attending cosmetic classes in the ’80s.

“There was special effects, mortuary makeup, which I didn’t have any desire to do, but I did take the class because it was part of the thing,” Coolidge says of her makeup school courses, before explaining how her class critiques helped guide her in the right direction.

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“This was the funniest thing of all — when they would test us and they would bring in a model, and you would make them up in front of everybody I was like the least good,” she shares. “I would look around at everyone else’s model at the end and I’d be like ‘uh, oh!’

“I had to end up going to acting school instead.”

Watch Coolidge’s hilarious story in People‘s exclusive clip here.