A new short film, helmed by Keke Palmer, premiered on Friday in honour of Women’s History Month.

The project, which is now available to watch exclusively on Amazon Music Unlimited, arrives as Palmer’s new single, “Standards”, becomes available to stream on all digital service providers worldwide.

“Big Boss” tells the story of “a young woman from Chicago [struggling] to make it in the unpredictable, callous, male-dominated music industry, only to realize the greater challenge was learning to trust her own instincts,” as per the official synopsis. “Written and directed by Keke Palmer, this is her true story of perseverance, self-love, impenetrable faith, and survival of spirit.”

In a clip from the short film, Palmer is heard saying, “We all have our hurdles, but this one I’m done with,” referring to overcoming “this inner narrative that tells you no matter how far I’ve come, I’m still not good enough.”

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Upon the release of her new project, Palmer shared a video to her Instagram account, noting that she’s “so excited” for fans to watch the short film, which she’s “been dying to share,” she added.

Earlier this week, the Emmy award-winning actress opened up about the personal project on social media.

“[It] costs to be the BOSS! That’s the very fulfilling but harsh truth,” she wrote on Instagram. “To get things done the way YOU want them, you have to invest. Not only your money but your time blood sweat and tears, without certainty that it will come back to you.

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“I have done this time and time again but not always with confidence and not always with pride,” she continued. “Everything won’t be perfect the first time but you learn each time you follow through with your desire to create something and share it with the world. Before you know it you will make masterpieces like nobody else.”

Palmer’s new project, which she noted took “a couple of years” to put together, marks the latest piece of content released on Amazon Music throughout its celebration of Women’s History Month.

“Big Boss” is available to watch on Amazon Music Unlimited for a limited time.