Ice-T acted alongside Richard Belzer for 15 seasons of “Law & Order: SVU”, and in his new podcast the rapper-turned-actor opened up about the loss of his longtime co-star and friend.

As Ice-T pointed out, he learned of Belzer’s death at age 78 in the midst of a triumphant week in which he celebrated his 65th birthday, performed at the Grammys and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“After that great week, coming off the star ceremony, I partied with all my friends in L.A. — ‘Ice, you brought a star back to the hood!’ — it was a great night,” he recalled in the debut edition of “Ice-T’s Daily Game”, as reported by People.

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“Woke up, Belzer passed away,” he continued. “And it just crushed me.”

Belzer’s death, he explained, served as a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life.

“I did a quote after that, and I said, ‘Whenever you’re having a good time, really enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty about partying, having that moment, because pain is guaranteed,'” he explained.

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“It’s sad but true,” he added. “The pain of life is inevitable. We’re going to lose people. People are going to be sick. Happiness is rare. I’m happy right now, but I’m talking about that moment where you’re just happy, you’re partying and you tend to feel guilty sometimes. That moment, enjoy that to death, because the pain is coming. Suck those moments up.”

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