J.K. Rowling is stirring up controversy again regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

The globally acclaimed author recently retweeted a tweet demanding the removal of the ‘TQ’ from the ‘LGBTQ+’ community flag, the rainbow flag with an arrowhead stemming from the left.

The arrowhead arches are pink and blue, which represent transgender people, and brown and black, which represent LGBTQ+ people of colour and people who’ve contracted HIV/AIDs.

In the politically charged tweet that Rowling shared on her account, an activist shared an image of the flag with the triangular arches blurred out, representing the removal of their representation from the LGBTQ+ flag.

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JK Rowling’s Twitter
JK Rowling’s Twitter — Photo: JK Rowling/Twitter

Understandably, the retweet caused a lot of mayhem in the Twittersphere, with many fans pointing to old accusations that Rowling is transphobic.

“ShEs NoT TraNsPhobIc NamE OnE TraNspHobiC ThiNg She HaS SaiD oR DonE,” one user online sarcastically wrote while sharing a screenshot of the retweet.

“The colours of the arrowhead in the Progress Pride Flag represent trans people, people of marginalised races, and the victims of AIDS and HIV,” explained another commentator online. “JK Rowling has retweeted a post that describes trans people, people of marginalised races, and the victims of AIDS and HIV as ‘sh*t’.”

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