Dick Van Dyke still has his sense of humour.

After getting into a car crash last week, TMZ caught up with the 97-year-old entertainment icon to get an update on how he’s feeling.

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“Pretty good. I’m sore all over,” Van Dyke said.

Showing off the stitches on his chin, the actor explained that during the crash, “the airbag did not deploy, so I just did a face plant right in the steering wheel, and I have two stitches here. Other than that, it just made me a little numb.”

Finally, he joked, “I’m doing okay. I’m 97 — all my friends are dead,”

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Van Dyke was driving his Lexus in Malibu in the rain last week when the car skidded and he ended up crashing into a gate.

After police and paramedics arrived at the scene, he was reportedly treated for a bloody nose and mouth, and a possible concussion.

It’s also been reported that police have submitted a request to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the U.S. to have Van Dyke retake his driving test.