It can be challenging, but keeping your cool around Drake is essential.

A woman named Rowan recently shared her embarrassing run-in with the globally famous superstar on TikTok, in which she described her experience as humbling.

Rowan went to a party at Drake’s house in Toronto when she eventually saw the “Rich Flex” musician by the bar with his friends. While at the bar, she found herself only a few feet away from the megastar.

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GRWM while I tell you about the time I ansolutely embarassed myself in front of Drake #grwm #storytime #toronto #drake

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When Drake looked over at her, she introduced herself to him with what she described as “the whitest ass smile I could have ever given him.”

“This is where I get humbled,” she continued.

Rowan described how Drake responded to her smile with a viscerally adverse reaction, giving her a creeped-out look before immediately walking away.

Despite the embarrassment, Rowan dared to share the story on Tik Tok where the video has garnered 65.5k likes.

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Rowan thanked Drake for his hospitality and admitted that she thinks he’s a great artist.

The comment section popped off with reactions. One user wrote: “The way I can actually imagine him doing this makes this story 10x better.”

Another person shared a similar experience with the all-star artist, writing: “Lmfao, why did the exact same thing happen to me, but I flared my nostrils at him.”