Emily Ratajkowski won’t let being single stop her from growing her family.

In a subscription-only Q&A, the 31-year-old model and actress shared that she is open to having another baby without a man in her life.

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When asked about raising a baby without a father, Ratajkowski said, “I thought about this a lot – a lot of my friends have gotten their eggs frozen just to buy themselves some more time, do the careers they want, meet the potential partner they want, but also I know a lot of people had IVF because they weren’t able to get pregnant naturally.”

She continued, explaining how at a recent visit with a doctor, the subjected of freezing her eggs came up.

“My mum naturally got pregnant with me at 38 so it never crossed my mind that part of it,” she said.

“I think I definitely would like to have more children – I really love being a mom. I’m not sure I’m going to find somebody that I want to raise a child with,” Ratajkowski admitted. “A friend of mine – a very famous friend with many sisters, when I told her I was getting divorced, was like, ‘Don’t worry, like, guys are not deterred by you having a child.'”

She added, “And guess what? She was right.”

Ratajkowski, who shares one child with ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, also talked about what it would be like dating men after having kids on her own.

“In general, it’s not like guys are like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t wanna be a stepdad’ – that’s too much pressure,” she said. “I’m so sorry to say this – men think with their d**ks. And they’re just not that advanced.

“Like a woman would be like, “I don’t even know if I can go on a first date with this guy – he has two kids,” she explained. “Guys are just not there. So they’ll be in love with you and they’ll be like, ‘Oh s**t, she has two kids – guess I’m a stepdad.”

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She went on, “I’m not saying like that’s good, I’m just saying don’t worry about that – that shouldn’t be a deciding factor in whether you have a child or not on your own, because they’re just not thinking like that.”

The “Gone Girl” actress continued, “I want to be careful about how I say this because I think that having two people raise a child can be really important. I think that, you know, having a father is important, but I also just want to say that I know quite a few women who have done it on their own and they’ve done incredible jobs and they are fantastic mothers and they have wonderful kids, and I personally have really liked parenting on my own.”

Finally, Ratajkowski said, “So I personally wouldn’t be afraid of getting pregnant and giving birth as a single woman.”