Rob Lowe is one proud dad.

The actor chats to ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante about working with his son John Owen, 28, on their new show “Unstable”, revealing that he often forgets he’s working with his kid.

Lowe says, as an actor and producer, that he’s always trying to come up with new projects. However, there was one moment in particular with this show where he knew he should work with his son.

The star shares, “You always wonder if the audience is going to like it or if there’s even an audience for it. This is one of those rare things where we knew there was an audience who liked it beforehand because they loved John trolling me on my Instagram account.

“It was a viral thing and that’s what led us to go, ‘Hey, maybe we should make a show because people enjoy it so much.’ So, we had that rare opportunity where the audience was saying ‘more please’ and we just had to figure out what the more was going to be.

“That took a while, it really did, because how do you bring that tone to a show? What world do you set it in? What are the characters? And that’s what eventually led us to ‘Unstable’,” Lowe, who stars as Ellis Dragon alongside his son’s character Jackson Dragon in the show, adds.

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Going on to talk about proud dad moments, Lowe admits he started to realize just how good John Owen was when he wrote one of the most successful episodes of “9-1-1: Lone Star”.

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He speaks about one of the times the writers all got together to talk about a scene, telling us: “The first time Johnny did that, I heard him talking about what he thought the scene should be and what we could maybe do better, and I agreed with everything. I was like, ‘Wow, that was really smart.’ And then it hit me that that’s my kid. Because as he was doing it, he was a peer. A smart peer.

“He’s a really smart writer, a really good producer, a really good actor. I forget he’s my kid a lot and then I remember he’s my kid and then I get really proud.”

“Unstable” hits Netflix March 30.

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