Disney’s announcement earlier this year that another sequel to “Frozen” was in the works came as a surprise — not just to fans, but to the Oscar-winning songwriting team responsible for the franchise’s songs such as “Let It Go” and “Into the Unknown”.

The announcement came in February during Disney CEO Bob Iger’s earnings call with investors, in which he announced plans for “Frozen 3”, “Toy Story 5” and “Zootopia 3”.

According to Kristen Anderson-Lopez and husband Robert Lopez, who wrote the beloved “Frozen” songs, they had no idea another “Frozen” sequel was coming.

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“They told us, the day of, and a little bit about what they’re thinking,” Anderson-Lopez explained during a recent interview with Collider.

While they were understandably surprised, they loved the concepts they were hearing about a third “Frozen” movie.

“It got us very excited,” she shared. “Now, we have to let the wheels of Hollywood do what they do, but we were very excited with their ideas.”

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While there’s no release information yet for “Frozen 3”, expectations for the sequel are understandably huge, given that “Frozen 2” raked in a staggering $1.45 billion at the box office.