“The Bachelor”s Kaity Biggar is a proud Canadian, but she doesn’t necessarily want to have her wedding to Zach Shallcross in her home country.

Shallcross and Biggar, who is from Kingston, Ontario, spoke to ET Canada after it was revealed he’d popped the question during Monday night’s season 27 finale.

As we ask the pair when the wedding will be, and whether it’ll be close to home for Biggar, Shallcross responded: “We don’t have an exact date for the wedding. We’re thinking 2025… probably plan next year. But right now, we want to just focus on ourselves and living together.”

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Biggar insisted, “Adventures!” as Shallcross, who poked fun at his other half’s Canadianisms in our chat, agreed, adding: “Doing life together! And then we’ll make that work. But obviously, it’s not concrete, it’s flexible, we can make it work.”

Biggar admitted the pair have been thinking about having the wedding on a beach somewhere eventually.

She told us, “I think based on what we’ve discussed, we’d like a destination wedding. Maybe like a beach vibe, and Canada doesn’t really have that.”

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Biggar added, “Yeah, it might not be in Canada. But, Zach’s never been to Canada, so I hope he’ll come in the summer time and I can show him around. I’m really excited to show him Toronto.

“He’s super excited to see my hometown in Kingston,” she said, insisting there’s “no way” they’ll be visiting in the winter, though.

“In Kingston, we have like, it’s called a pier — it’s like a manmade beach with white sand. It’s beautiful. So I want to take him there. It’s so fun. In the summertime, everybody kind of gathers there. It’s like a little community and it’s so good.”

Biggar is particularly excited to show Shallcross her local culinary scene.

“Both of us are actually foodies and I think Toronto has a great food scene and also nightlife and it’s super fun,” she says. “So I’m excited to bring him there and show him different foods.

“And also in Kingston, the food’s amazing. Wooden Heads is one of my favorite restaurants. They’re great. It’s so good, and he loves pizza. And they make really good wood oven pizzas.”

Shallcross had quite the proposal planned for Biggar during the season finale, telling her: “I can no longer say I’m falling in love with you, because, Kaity Lane, I am so in love with you. You are my world.

“The love I feel for you is something I could’ve never imagined and something I thought a lot of my life I would never be able to deserve. I love you so much. I love you with all my heart,” he said. “You’re the face I want to wake up to every morning. I want to go through life with you and only you. Kaity, I want to be with you forever… You’re the only one I want in my life… Kaity, will you marry me?”

It didn’t take long for Biggar to say “yes” to his proposal, accepting his final rose.