Sharon Stone is how she reignited her passion for art.

The “Basic Instinct” actress spoke to The Art Newspaper about how art had always been a part of her life, starting with painting lessons from her Aunt Vonne.

She followed in her aunt’s footsteps by studying it at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania which let her visit “museums all over the world when they’re closed.”

Stone called it “an extraordinary experience”, but had to put aside her passion for painting to pursue acting.

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It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic happened that she had time to revisit her first love.

“I bought real brushes and I started to regain my control, my brush movements,” Stone said. “I painted and painted and painted, and I re-found myself. I re-found my heart. I re-found my center.”

The actress shared how she had always been told to “stay in her lane” by haters, but stood up to them in defiance. “How do you know this isn’t my lane? How do you know that painting isn’t my real lane?” she recalled telling them.

Now at the age of 65, she’s preparing to open her first solo gallery exhibition called “Shedding.” The name is meant to symbolize shedding different things like her Hollywood persona or loss.

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“I lost my family — my film family — I lost my personal family, many members of my family died,” explained Stone. “My brother had a heart attack and his 11-month-old son died of crib death; my godmother died, and my grandmother died.”

“Shedding” opens on April 7.