Hailey Bieber has a lot of love for Canada.

The supermodel is launching Rhode skincare in her husband Justin Bieber’s home country, and to celebrate the occasion, she revealed what she loves so much about Canada in a new interview with the Toronto Star.

And with Hailey answering a bunch of Canadian-themed questions, obviously her go-to Tim Hortons order had to be in there.

She responded, “My go-to Tim Hortons order is a French vanilla — looove a French vanilla — and a double chocolate doughnut and then sometimes a hash brown because their hash browns are so good.”

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Justin has teamed up with the coffee company to launch Timbiebs and his Biebs Brew not too long ago, with the reporter telling Hailey she could do with a special-edition Rhode glazed doughnut.

She replied, “Maybe! We did have Timbiebs. I’ll attach myself to that just slightly because, you know, we share a last name!”

Elsewhere in the chat, the skincare mogul revealed what her favourite hockey team was — and it’s no surprise she went with Justin’s team Toronto Maple Leafs.

Admitting she liked the sport, Hailey added: “My favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs — obviously! I could never say that it was something else because that would just be blasphemous for my in-laws and my husband, so we’re going to go with the Maple Leafs. Although, before I was married, I would have said it was the New York Rangers.”

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She then said of what she loves most about Canada, “I love the people in Canada. It’s so true when people say that the people in Canada are just the nicest.

“I also just love the nature and the beauty of Canada. I think it’s one of the most stunning places ever. I love the seasonal change — I mean, it gets freezing in Canada, but I love that because I’m from the east coast and yeah, I just love it. I’m so happy to be married into a Canadian family.”