Chlöe Bailey is a proud big sister.

Chlöe, 24, chatted to ET Canada’s Jed Tavernier about how she felt watching her sister Halle, 23, on screen as Ariel in the upcoming “Little Mermaid” movie.

Chlöe gushed, “So just off the trailer, I was screaming and staring at my phone… when I heard her voice, when I saw her beautiful face. I just know she’s about to blow it out of the water, no pun intended.”

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She recently reminded Halle of a dream she had as a teenager, sharing: “I was telling her this the other day, like, God has been so good to us because our dreams are coming true simultaneously. And I even reminded her of this dream she had years and years ago.

“We were like 14, 15, 16… and she was like ‘Chlöe, I had a dream where we were like in our early twenties and we looked so much cooler and we were so much cooler than we are now. And we were like, killing it.’

“So I reminded her. I was like, ‘remember you told me that dream years ago.’ I was like, ‘it’s coming true.’ It’s really crazy. I’m so proud of her. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of us together collectively. And I just pray to God that we continue to do what we love and be successful from it.”

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Chlöe is so proud of Halle for inspiring children all over the world, telling us: “To know that her being Ariel is inspiring kids all over the world to be comfortable being whatever they want to be, no matter what the world tells them, that is such a blessing. I’m so proud of her.”

Give “The Little Mermaid” trailer a watch in the clip below.