John Owen Lowe isn’t afraid to roast his famous father Rob Lowe, even if it’s on national television.

While promoting their new Netflix series “Unstable”, the actor revealed when his father discovered he would be on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” with Kevin Bacon, he was persistent about one request.

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“I have to just quickly tell a story which is that my dad called me yesterday and I told him I was coming on with you guys. He insisted that I attempt to tell some story that is about him auditioning for ‘Footloose,'” recalled John. “He regaled me with this seven minute story and was like ‘Make sure you tell that.’ So you want me to use the entire time talking about you? And then at the very end, ‘Make sure you say hi.'”

John didn’t end up retelling his father’s 7-minute-long story, but he did say his father attributed his failure to an injury.

“He claims it’s because he blew his knee out in the audition which is the most Rob thing ever. I’m just picturing he was seeing people not enjoying it and he was like ‘My knee!'” he teased.

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Bacon got in on the fun as he jokingly pitched a new episode for their upcoming series where, “you find out that your dad, who is the Elon Musk type, unbeknownst to you auditioned for ‘Footloose'”.

“Unstable” is out on Netflix now.