Jodie Turner-Smith is so excited to join Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s world.

She joins the two in “Murder Mystery 2”, the newest entry in their film franchise, but it’s not the star’s first time working in comedy.

“I wouldn’t say it’s my first comedy,” the actress told People. “I feel like ‘White Noise’ was a comedy. And I also did a little movie called ‘Lemon’ years ago, directed by Janicza Bravo.”

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The bigger deal for her is being canonized in their universe.

“This is my first entrance into the Jennifer Aniston–and–Adam Sandler cinematic universe of comedy, which is major,” she joked.

“I loved it,” Turner-Smith said of the experience. “I’ve already told everybody that I want do the next one.”

The actress plays a shady countess in the new film which let her tap into a different side.

“She was so fun,” she recalled. “I loved leaning in that c—y-ness and being so over the top, but also very grounded because that’s who she is. It’s just like, this is her truth.”

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In particular, she loved portraying a character who was so different from herself.

“I’m a lot nicer and kinder, I think, than the Countess. I like to tell people nice things and lift them up, whereas she is immediately displeased,” explained Turner-Smith.

“Murder Mystery 2” is on Netflix now.