Terry Sanderson’s legal team has released a statement on his behalf, one day after he lost the Utah ski trial against Gwyneth Paltrow.

“The marathon ski collision trial ended yesterday. We are all exhausted and need a rest. Mr. Sanderson needs to rest today,” Robert B. Sykes, Esq, the law firm representing Sanderson began the statement, provided to ET Canada.

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“We have had numerous inquiries and requests for comments, interviews, statements, and the like,” they noted before stating that Sanderson would like some privacy following the public trial.

“We could not possibly accommodate all these requests. In future days, Mr. Sanderson may be available to talk to the press. Please respect his privacy and do not try to otherwise contact him.”

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“As Mr. Sanderson’s attorneys, we are considering all options. This includes a possible Motion for a New Trial, an appeal to the Utah Supreme Court, and other legal options,” they continued. “These options will be thoroughly explored between the attorneys and Terry Sanderson at a later date.”

Sanderson’s legal team concluded by expressing their gratitude to the court.

“We are grateful for the hard and amazing work by Judge Holmberg, his staff and the bailiffs. We also thank the jury for its service.”