After months of speculation, this week saw Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg pull the trigger by indicting twice-impeached ex-president Donald Trump on what’s reported to be more than 30 charges of financial fraud, including the hush-money payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Naturally, television late-night hosts had a field day with the news that, for the first time in American history, a former U.S. president is facing criminal charges.

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On “The Late Show”, host Stephen Colbert gleefully celebrated by enjoying an ice-cream sundae.

“[Trump] was right. We’re finally saying Merry Christmas again,” Colbert joked. “And you know what? I didn’t know this would be coming, I thought this might never come. I thought, ‘What does it matter if it came?’ I didn’t know it would feel this good.”

Later in his monologue, Colbert referenced Trump’s payoff to Daniels by quipping, “He should see whether that grand jury will cut him a check for $130,000 because he is so screwed.”

Over on “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon served up a musical commentary with the song parody “I’m So Indicted”, set to the tune of The Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited”.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, host Jimmy Kimmel described the news of Trump’s indictment as being “historic and it’s funny. It’s very, very funny.”

He also referenced Trump’s notorious “Access Hollywood” tape, saying, “The grand jury, they didn’t even ask permission. They moved on Trump like a witch.”

Kimmel continued by pointing to one of Trump’s Truth Social posts complaining about being indicted, but misspelling the word as “indicated.”

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“Hopefully he can spend some time at the prison library learning how to spell. Now that he’s been indicted, the former president had no choice but to turn himself in for processing at a courthouse in New York, in a spectacle that seems to have been made for reality TV,” Kimmel said, jokingly suggesting such titles as “Arrested Developer” or “The Celebrity Apprehentice”.

“His next thing, of course, will be to try to start another riot to get people to demonstrate on his behalf,” Kimmel added. “Only Donald Trump could have supporters so crazy we have to seriously consider whether or not being charged with a crime is good for him.”

Kimmel then tied Trump’s indictment to Thursday being baseball’s opening day. “Best baseball opening day ever. And this is only the warm-up indictment. Lady Justice, she’s getting loose in the bullpen right now. We’ll bring her in in the ninth to close it out with insurrection and treason.”

Meanwhile, “The Daily Show” featured guest host John Leguizamo introducing the Trump indictment as “some lighthearted news that’s really going to put a smile on your face,” with the studio audience cheering thunderously when a news clip was played.

“That’s right. Lady Justice grabbed Trump by the p****y,” joked Leguizamo, also referencing the “Access Hollywood” tape.

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“You know I take a firm stance against mass incarceration, but for this I’m willing to make an exception,” Leguizamo joked. “I just hope they take it easy on him and put him at least in a cell with his lawyer.”

Leguizamo concluded, “But let this be a lesson to all you kids out there. If you commit fraud to cover up an affair with a porn star, the law will catch up to you — after, like, seven years and a full term as president.”