Since the earliest days of Twitter, the social media platform has used a blue checkmark to verify the accounts of celebrities, journalists, politicians and other notables, serving as proof that they are who they claim to be.

As of April 1, however, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has instituted a new paid service for these verification checkmarks, with users now forced to pony up $8 per month in order for a blue checkmark.

“Starting April 1, 2023, we’ll begin winding down our legacy verification program,” reads a message on Twitter’s help page.

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The message also insists that users who purchase a blue check “may not impersonate individuals, groups or organizations to mislead, confuse or deceive others, nor use a fake identity in a manner that disrupts the experience of others on Twitter.”

Policing fake-but-verified accounts, however, promises to be a logistical nightmare, given that the Twittersphere is practically bursting with bogus accounts.

Meanwhile, numerous celebrities are balking at the notion of paying a monthly fee to simply prove their identity, and they’ve been expressing themselves via — where else? — Twitter.

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One of the most vociferous opponents of Musk’s new scheme is Canadian actor and all-around living legend William Shatner, who addressed Musk directly in a recent tweet.

“Hey @elonmusk what’s this about blue checks going away unless we pay Twitter? I’ve been here for 15 years giving my ⏰ & witty thoughts all for bupkis. Now you’re telling me that I have to pay for something you gave me for free? What is this-the Colombia Records & Tape Club?🙄,” wrote Shatner.

Musk responded, telling Shatner the new policy change is “more about treating everyone equally. There shouldn’t be a different standard for celebrities imo.”

The “Star Trek” icon, however, begged to differ. “That would be wonderful in a perfect 🌎 where equality thrives. Yet that’s not reality, is it? Somewhere, Twitter lost its way. Blue ☑️s were guardrails to legitimacy; not meaningless status symbols,” he wrote, noting that Twitter won’t shut down a parody account (in which Shatner’s first name is spelled with 4 Ls) so long as that person pays the fee.

Shatner went on to call Musk’s scheme “a money grab,” and declared he has no intention of paying for a checkmark.

Other celebrities are following Shatner’s lead, including such Twitter heavy-hitters as Chrissy Teigen, Dionne Warwick and “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander, who announced he’d be quitting Twitter over the change.

Other celebs to weigh include Monica Lewinsky (who shared a screenshot of the plethora of fake accounts pretending to be her), actor Karl Urban, musician Ice Spice, NBA star LeBron James, Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes, “Star Wars” alum Mark Hamill and others.

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