Would you have what it takes?

As “Yellowjackets” continues to get darker and more mysterious in season 2, ET Canada caught up with the cast of the show at PaleyFest in Los Angeles to ask: How would they survive the Canadian wilderness?

“I wouldn’t, number one,” Canadian actor Kevin Alves said. “I kind of imagine myself as like Michael Scott in ‘The Office’, like after 24 hours he was like, ‘I’m dying.’ No, I could probably make it through like a week. If I had a cabin, like we did, and some hunting, maybe three weeks. But that’s it.”

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Fellow Canadian Sophie Nélisse answered, on a survival scale of 1 to 10, “Oh, my God. I don’t know. Honestly, maybe 5, because I feel like my physical strength would survive, but I feel like I would die out of something really dumb, like eating the wrong mushroom. But I feel like I’d be ready to eat someone to survive. I’ll do it. I’ll go for it.”

For Samantha Hanratty, the time of year was key, but thinking about surviving the winter specifically, she admitted, “We got zero days. We got zero seconds. I literally like land, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I froze. Oh, no, I’m a Popsicle.’ Yeah, it’s a wrap. It’s a wrap.”

But she continued, “Now, if it was summer, I’d give myself three days. But I’m allergic to everything. I’m one berry away from an anaphylactic shock.”

Tawny Cypress seemed to think her upbringing in New Jersey would help her tough it out, explaining, “I’m tough. I mean, I’ll make a sweater out of bark. No, I’m just kidding. I don’t know. I did a lot of camping. I do a lot of outdoors stuff. I have a 36-acre horse ranch in Colorado, so I’m an outdoorsy girl. I could survive.”

Christina Ricci was also bullish on her chances.

“I’m scrappy, okay. I am. You cannot kill me. I will fight to the death,” she said, adding, “And I’ve watched hours and hours of reality survival shows like ‘Life Below Zero’ and ‘Naked and Afraid’ and all these things. So, I think I’d do pretty well.”

Steven Krueger said, “I think I would probably survive approximately four-and-a-half days. I’m pretty good at outdoorsy stuff, you know, like I hike a lot, I backpack a lot, I cook my own meals out there. But I think my anxiety would take over. I’d maybe accidentally trip and fall off a cliff or something. I don’t know. I’m a little clumsy.”

Season 2 newcomer Lauren Ambrose said she believes she’d do pretty well in the wilderness, “except I’d be worried about sun damage, you know, you don’t have a lot of sunscreen out there.”

Asked how many days she’d survive, Melanie Lynskey said, “Hopefully a couple more. Maybe four. Right? I’m useless. I’m terrible. I like things to be comfortable. I don’t want to be outside. I don’t even want to be in the cabin. I’d be like, ‘This is horrible. Somebody died here. I don’t like it. This isn’t worth it.’ I would try to survive. You know, I have things to live for. Have a beautiful child and my wonderful husband. So, I’d try to survive as long as I could. But for me. Yeah… Four.”

Finally, Simon Kessell said, “I think I’d be okay with the bear situation, weirdly … I know random, right? But I do live in Australia where there is some crazy stuff going on, the spiders and snakes, I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t have a problem with rats, so I’d have to be pretty hungry to eat a rat.”