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Dylan Sprouse And Virginia Gardner Talk Guilty Pleasures: ‘It Felt So Wrong, But So Right’

By Anita Tai.

Virginia Gardner, Dylan Sprouse

The stars of “Beautiful Disaster” are dishing on their guilty pleasures.

While speaking to ET Canada, Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner revealed their very different secret desires.

In Gardner’s case, she had her eyes on her co-star’s trainer.

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“So Dylan’s fight partner in one of the fights in the film, this guy with a mohawk, he had the most incredible calves I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” she recalled. “I was in love with Dylan’s fight partner’s calves. And I kept telling Dylan, I was like, I just. I need to touch them. I need to know what calves that are this strong feel like.”

She even went as far as to request Sprouse ask his trainer for permission.

“So Dylan went up to the poor guy and was like, ‘Hey man, can Ginny touch your calves?’ And he let me do it. And it felt so wrong, but so right in those times,” she laughed.

As for Sprouse, his guilty pleasure was more conventional.

“I have like a thing for ice cream sandwiches. Like ice cream sandwiches specifically. It is probably the biggest guilty pleasure,” he shared. “I’ll have like one or two ice cream sandwiches… a night… I have like a big storage container just for ice cream sandwiches, actually, in my house.”

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The actor even had a recommendation for fans when it comes to cold cream treats.

“A new place in L.A. called Mashti Malone’s, and it’s delicious. The sandwich is like a wafer cookie, and it’s to die for,” praised Sprouse.

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