Hayden Panettiere is providing a rare look at where her relationship stands with Brian Hickerson, following his 2021 jail sentence after pleading no contest to two felony counts stemming from a domestic violence incident involving the former “Heroes” star.

During a recent interview with the New York Times, which took place in her L.A. condo, Hickerson was said to be present, walking around the home, vacuuming floors and even shooting a basketball in the home’s living room.

According to the Times, Hickerson and Panettiere reconnected after each became sober, but hinted they might be more than just friends, with Panettiere referring to Hickerson as “babe.”

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Asked point-blank if they had resumed their romance, Panettiere didn’t offer a concrete response, saying, “There are feelings there, yes.”

Meanwhile, Panettiere hasn’t forgotten what he did that landed him behind bars.

“He knows he deserved what happened to him,” she said, referring to his 45-day jail sentence.

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In fact, she told the outlet that “their relationship was ‘contingent on him continuing on this road of recovery,'” adding that she’s “self-conscious about how people may perceive her letting him back into her life” but that she “did not do any of this lightly.”