Victoria and David Beckham regularly give fans a sneak peek inside married life.

The pair went salsa dancing with their daughter Harper, 11, this week, with Victoria sharing a video on Instagram.

Not afraid to poke fun at her other half, Victoria showed David wiggling his hips in a car park, telling the camera: “David… is warming up in the car park.”

She added: “Can’t wait to see David Beckham salsa!”

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As David tried to get his groove on, Victoria asked how he was feeling, to which he replied, “This down here feels great [gesturing below his waist], this up here feels a bit tight [gesturing above his waist].”

Victoria joked, “Are you struggling to loosen up?… Are you struggling?” as he smiled and said: “A little bit.”

The Spice Girls singer told the camera, “I’ve got my shoes on, they’re embarrassed I’m wearing heels but I’m going to show them how it’s done.”

The pair, both wearing black, then hit the dancefloor to strut their stuff, with VB telling her hubby at the end of their routine, “That was good!”

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Vanessa Hudgens was among those commenting on the clip, writing, “Werrrrk.”

One fan gushed, “You guys are relationship goals 😍”

Another said, “I smiled ALL THE TIME! This video is amazing! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”